Common Questions Asked During a Breast Augmentation Consultation

The decision to have a breast augmentation surgery is a big step and requires each patient to make several important decisions to reach their goal. Potential candidates for breast implant surgery should consult with a surgeon of Aesthetic Surgical Images to determine their options which will meet their individual needs and provide a successful result. The three most common variables reviewed during a breast augmentation consultation include: placement of implant, implant type, and the site of the incision.

Where Are Implants Placed?

With small exceptions, the most commonly placed position of the implant is beneath the pectoralis major muscle. Over the years, the subpectoral placement has improved the aesthetic results, as well as minimized some of the potential risks encountered with a submammary placement. Occasionally, a submammary placement may be appropriate for a small, select group of patients. Lastly, there is a possibility of a “bi-planar” placement, which is actually a hybrid position. The superior aspect of the implant is covered by the breast. Recommendations for the proper placement of the implant will depend on the findings during the physical exam.