Welcome to Our NEW Cosmetic Surgery Video Blog! - "What Are The Benefits of Combination Procedures?"

If you are considering improving your appearance through plastic surgery, you may also be considering more than one procedure. Today, there is no need to undergo multiple surgeries to achieve your new, more youthful look. Multiple procedures done in combination offer you the ability to have one surgery with only one recovery time and one affordable fee.

The benefits to having more than one type of surgery at a time are twofold – Money and time. In fact, this approach is the perfect option for you to achieve the look you want with a smaller overall recovery time and less of a financial obligation.

Combination Procedures Save You Money

Whether we like to admit it or not, cost is a consideration for many plastic surgery patients. Good medical care with the highest standards does not come cheap. Saving money when it comes to medical procedures does not lower the quality of care. In fact, by performing several procedures at once, you will have the attention of several board certified plastic surgeons to help you achieve your optimal look and “you get more bang for your buck.”

With Surgical Image’s no interest 12 month financing for patients who qualify, a new look at an affordable price is easy and allows you some financial flexibility.

Combination Procedures Save You Time

Most of our patients are just like you …busy and have little time for multiple surgeries and recoveries. That is why combination procedures are so popular– they cater to the hectic pace of life in today’s society.

Consider the time efficiency this service offers:

• Time in surgery is reduced. Doing a few things at once is much quicker than doing them separately.

• You only need to recover from anesthesia one time; especially important for some patients whose anesthesia recovery can take days.

• No one likes pain. Certainly no one likes being in pain any longer than necessary. With a combination procedure, the extent of gain is about the same that it would be for only one surgery.

• You can obtain the look you desire in just one day.

Combination Procedures – The Options

There are a number of cosmetic procedures that can be combined to save you both time and money. Combination procedures frequently requested to achieve a maximum benefit at one time include:

• A Facelift in combination with Upper and Lower Eyelid surgery, along with a Browlift to reverse the signs of aging.

• The “Mommy Makeover” is one of the most popular combinations. This option gives moms the ability to recapture their pre-pregnancy figure. With a surgical program that involves a breast lift or enhancement, a tummy tuck, and liposuction, any mom will look stunning with a restored body and a new sense of confidence.

• Facial contouring rises to the next level when you choose a Rhinoplasty along with a Chin augmentation (a Genioplasty) and cheek implants.

• Other combinations are available depending on a patient’s goals. Make an appointment with one of our Board Certified plastic surgeons to see which procedures are best for your new look.

With the savings of both time and money that combination plastic surgery provides, it just makes good sense to have multiple surgeries at one time. Imagine, a dramatic new look in just one day!