What to Look for When Evaluating Before and After Photos

Selecting a plastic surgeon to meet your aesthetic goals requires careful investigation. Asking your own physician and/or friends for a board certified plastic surgeon is a good beginning. Once chosen, do you know if he or she is able to provide the results you’d like to achieve?

Spending time to review before and after photos on the surgeon’s website allows you to compare examples of his or her work with your aesthetic expectations. When viewing the images, don’t “ignore the forest through the trees.” Look for:

1. Overall consistency of results.

Be skeptical if only a few cases are shown with perfect results. Instead, look for multiple examples of a diversity of patient body types, and observe the consistency of the post-op results.

2. Natural Results.
Are natural and attractive results shown in the photos? Do the pictures show something similar to what you would like to see in the mirror? Results will vary for each patient based on his or her specific body type pre-operatively. Results should be noticeable, yet natural.

Remember a surgical result depends on many factors. A patient’s body shape, natural asymmetry, age and health can all impact surgical results. It is important to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine if you are a viable candidate for the procedure of your interest. To contact our office to schedule your complimentary cosmetic consultation call 402-390-0100 or Contact Us. You can also view before and after photos of cosmetic patients from Aesthetic Surgical Images.