Is Your Doctor Qualified? – ASPS Announces ‘Do Your Homework’ Campaign

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has launched a safety campaign to educate patients on the importance of selecting a board certified plastic surgeon when undergoing any cosmetic procedure.

Currently, only four states regulate a doctor’s advertising with respect to their training.  In all the other states, a physician with training in any medical field may claim to be a “cosmetic surgeon.” Although often without proper training and experience, these physicians perform many procedures in their own offices, exposing patients to severe risks.

“There is a misconception among consumers that as long as a doctor is certified in a medical field that he or she is qualified to practice plastic surgery,” says Dr. Malcolm Z. Roth, MD and ASPS President.

Patients are advised to verify their doctor’s qualifications by taking these precautions:
- Confirm the surgeon is board certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
- Double check the doctor’s affiliation with the board by searching his or her name in the “Find a Surgeon” portion of the ASPS website.
- Ensure the surgeon has privileges to do your surgical procedure in a local hospital, since their qualifications will be judged by their peers.

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