How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

This is a commonly asked question and a frequent source of confusion amongst patients. There is a common misperception that breast implants should be replaced every ten years. The origin of this belief is unclear, but is probably secondary to misinterpretation of implant warranty terminology.

The manufacturers of breast implants clearly state that these devices are not intended to last a lifetime, despite this many patients can expect to have implants last their entire lifetime. Current studies suggest that implants deflate at a rate of 1% at one year and 3% at three years. Over time this number can be expected to grow.

Implants may deflate with no apparent cause or may deflate secondary to some type of trauma. Under these, the decision to replace implants is easy.

At Aesthetic Surgical Images, we routinely replace implants in patients who are undergoing secondary surgery for reasons not directly related to the implants such as capsular contracture if the patient has had implants for at least ten years.

If a patient is doing well and not having problems with breast implants, we see no reason to routinely replace implants just because a set time period has passed.