Breast Augmentation Options

Several questions need to be answered before proceeding with breast augmentation surgery.  These pertain to the following issues: 1) Implant size, 2) Implant type, 3) Incision location, 4) Under or the over muscle, and 5) With or without a breast lift.

Depending upon the answers to these questions, a large variety of treatment options potentially exist. Each patient should be considered individually since no two patients are the same. Patients may have unique anatomic findings and specific aesthetic goals that impact their treatment plan.

In general terms, data shows that the majority of implants are placed under the muscle through an inframammary approach.  There is a greater tendency to use silicone gel implants than saline implants, but saline implants are still frequently used.

When breast sag is present, most surgeons perform a breast lift, but occasionally plastic surgeons place the implants on top of the muscle to avoid scarring.

There’s no best breast implant. It’s important that each patient be carefully evaluated by a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience with breast augmentation. It’s essential that he or she listens to you and understands your aesthetic goals.

It’s also important that you listen to your plastic surgeon; he or she may recognize anatomic limitations that might prevent you from accomplishing your aesthetic goals. These discussions need to occur before surgery, not after surgery.  This results in less confusion and patients who are ultimately happy with their breast augmentation.