Running After Breast Implants?

Recovery varies from patient-to-patient following breast augmentation surgery. We generally recommend that patients avoid strenuous activities including running for at least six weeks following surgery. 

Running in the immediate postoperative period has the potential to cause the breasts to bottom out. The constant bouncing of the implants within a freshly formed breast pocket can cause the pocket to expand inferiorly. Capsule formation acts to stabilize the implant pocket but may take weeks to occur. In some cases, two weeks may be adequate, while longer periods may be necessary in other cases.

Physics suggests that larger implants would be more likely to stretch the pocket and skin, while compressive support bras would minimize the phenomena. 

If you’re considering an early return to running, it’s important that you discuss the issue with your plastic surgeon before proceeding. Your surgeon will have important information regarding your situation and when it’s safe to resume this activity.