Group Consultation

When seeking cosmetic surgery, not everyone’s primary concern is privacy. Many patients enjoy going through the process with friends and family who may share many of the same concerns. At Aesthetic Surgical Images, we encourage patients to bring friends and family to consultations.
The advantages of group consultations are significant. At Aesthetic Surgical Images, we realize that every patient has different aesthetic goals and because of this we individualize their treatment. We also realize that gaining a comfort level requires different things for different people. For some patients, privacy is their primary concern. For other patients, the involvement of friends and family in their decision is critical. Over the years we have seen how the buddy system helps patients become comfortable with cosmetic surgery.

In some cases, the patient’s support system may also be interested in the same procedure. For example, two close friends who both want breast augmentation. In our experience, this group dynamic may be very helpful for both patients. Each patient has a unique perspective and asks unique questions. This facilitates their understanding of the procedure and the events that occur both pre-operatively and post-operatively.

A typical group consultation may have as many as four to five patients who have similar interest. They are usually friends, family, or colleagues from work. It’s not unusual for people with similar backgrounds to have similar interests. This type of consult has been designed to be a comfortable, informative, and enjoyable experience. By bringing your friends to a consultation you accomplish several goals. These include: a built in support system, decreased anxiety, multiple patient perspective, and time together with your friends.